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About Bangkok
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Bangkok, The City of Angels or "Krungthep" [กรุงเทพมหานคร] in Thai, is the capital city of Thailand. Bangkok is the hub for most of the commercial and economical activities of the Kingdom. At the same time, the City is very famous and appreciated by visitors for its versatility and multiple points of interests. From temples, the Grand Palace, all the way over the some of Asia's largest shopping centers and the largest outdoor market of Asia (Chatuchak), Bangkok definitely has what it takes to entertain visitors from all origins.
Bangkok Travel Guide

The city of Angels, namely Bangkok, has a large range of cultural attractions to visit. From the various Royal residences to the temples and other religious sites all the way over to the recently opened Bangkok Art and Culture Center, as well as numerous smaller galleries and museums. The main monuments are easy to access and widely known while some of the smaller venues or more recently opened venues are sometimes a bit challenging to locate.

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The Grand Palace
Also known as Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang in Thai, the Grand Palace is one of Bangkok’s most impressive sights. The glittering golden rooftops and soaring chedis (pagodas) of this impressive palace and temple complex can be seen as visitors travel along the Chao Phraya River, capturing the imagination of all who pass by.
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Wat Pho
Featuring the famous Reclyning Buddha statue, Wat Pho is perhaps one of the most interesting temples in the whole of Thailand. in addition to the temple itself, Wat Pho’s compound contains a beautifully designed garden complete with fountains, statues and tiny trees as well as a massage centre. People travel to the massage school at Wat Pho from all over Thailand to study the art of massage from the famous instructors here and gain the much coveted certificate, which allows them to practice massage all over the world.
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Wat Arun
Known as the Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun in one of the most dramatic attractions to grace the Chaophraya River. This ancient temple can be found on the Thonburi side of the river and is believed to be the oldest temple in the whole of Bangkok. Originally known as Wat Makok or the Olive Temple, Wat Arun dates back to the 16th century. Situated in a pretty garden surrounded by stone prangs and guarded by two gigantic demons known as yaksha, the central prang measures a colossal 80 meters high.
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Wat Trai Mit
The Trai Mit temple is famous for its 3-metres high Golden Buddha weighing about five and a half tons. It is believed that the Golden Buddha is more than 700 years old. The Golden Buddha was installed initially in Wat Phrayakrai in the Yannawa area of Bangkok in the reign of the King Rama III. It stayed there until 1931. When the temple had fallen out of use and was abandoned, the Ecclesiastical Commission had relocated the statue to the Wat Trai Mit.
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The Ananda Samakhom Throne Hall
The focal point or royal celebrations, the Ananda Samakhom Throne Hall can be found at the end of the Ratchadamnoen Nok Avenue, whih features a large number of impressive buildings. This commanding two-story sctructure was built at the start of the 20th century and looks strikingly different from most of Bangkok’s buildings. Designed by Italian architects Mario Tamango and Annibale Rigotti, the Ananda Samakhom Throne Hall features a large central dome and has been built in the neo-classical Renaissance style.
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Giant Swing
Located on Bamrung Mueang Road in the centre of a square in front of Wat Suthat, the Giant Swing is one of the most intriguing structures in Bangkok. Measuring some 27 meters high, this teak wood frame was used in ceremonies paying homage to the god Shiva up until 1935, when King Rama VII ascended to the throne. During the the ceremony, teams of three daring Thai men would take turns in balancing on the structure and being swung skywards in an attempt to catch a bag of silver coins with their teeth.